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4 Rivers Electric Cooperative has dispatched vegetation control contractor, Poor Boy Tree Service, Inc. (PBT), to apply EPA-registered products in and along our rights of way and easements east of Altoona for brush control. 

A high-volume foliage application will be administered under direct supervision of a licensed commercial applicator and shall have no adverse effects on humans, cattle, horses or house pets. This process is the safest and most cost-effective method of controlling the growth of undesirable outage-causing vegetation that interferes with the delivery of reliable electricity to our homes and business.

Beginning in June, you will see the PBT’s commercial applicators in areas east of Altoona using pickups and all-terrain vehicles. PBT will leave any gates as they were found. Open gates will be left open, and closed gates will be closed.

Vegetation management is an important part of the delivery of electricity, including safety, reliability and cost-control. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and encourage you to welcome crews by unlocking gates for them when applicable and sharing any information with them that can help them assess our easements in the most time-efficient manner.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us:

4 Rivers Electric Co-op:  620-364-2116

Poor Boy Tree Service:  417-654-2774