At 4 Rivers Electric, your voice matters. We are owned and governed by members like you. Your vote in our annual board election is your voice in your cooperative, a chance to weigh in on leaders who will represent you and your interests.

Each year, members vote for trustees who represent their geographic district to serve a three-year term. District elections are staggered, so there are always experienced trustees governing the cooperative.

How is my district determined?

Your board district is determined by the location of your primary account. Your voting district is printed on your bill in the upper right corner. If you are unsure which district is assigned to your primary residence, please give us a call.

Ready to learn more? Meet your Board of Trustees and review the latest Trustee Election Information.

Voter information

At 4 Rivers Electric, we believe in openness and transparency which is embedded in the democratic election of our board of trustees. Democratic member control is one of the Seven Cooperative Principles.

Despite the desire for an open election process, 4 Rivers Electric is also mindful of our members’ right to privacy. That is why we take steps to strike a balance between providing adequate information to qualified candidates for board elections and also limiting access to members’ information.

As a democratically controlled cooperative, you decide who governs. The cooperative’s goal is to provide a transparent, open election, to allow you to have the best opportunity to make your vote count. Thank you for helping us be the best member-owned cooperative possible.