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The 3rd Annual Meeting of the Members of 4 Rivers Electric Cooperative was held March 27 at the Lyon County Fairgrounds’ Anderson Building in Emporia. There were nearly 250 attendees including 120 registered members and guests. A meal catered by Olpe Chicken House was served to members by local FFA student volunteers. Four rounds of prizes were given away to members during the meeting, and each member received a 4 Rivers tape measure.

Board President Michael Springer opened the 7 p.m. meeting by welcoming members. Trustee Loren Dickens led the invocation followed by the National Anthem. Trustee Robert Converse led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The agenda and 2022 minutes were approved, and the treasurer’s report was given. President Springer spoke on the importance of youth in the communities were serve, and opportunities for leadership, education, and team building at the Cooperative Youth Leadership Camp near Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and Electric Cooperative Youth Tour in Washington, D.C., as well as the 4 Rivers Electrical Lineworker Scholarship. President Springer recognized Elizabeth Galloway and Shelby Smith as 4 Rivers’ representatives to Cooperative Youth Leadership Camp in July, and Riley Petitjean and Allanah Harris as representatives to Electric Cooperative Youth Tour in June.

General Manager Dennis Svanes spoke on supply chain issues and challenges. He noted the importance of working with suppliers and other electric cooperatives.

Keynote speakers were Suzanne Lane, executive vice president & CEO of Kansas Electric Power Cooperative, and Cleve Reasoner, chief nuclear officer of Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation.

President Springer called on Tim Larson, 4 Rivers attorney, to announce the election results: In District 1, Robert Converse was unopposed and declared the winner. In District 2, Randy Bunnel was unopposed and declared the winner. In District 3, Sandy Smith received 142 votes, and Tom Ayers received 243 votes. Tom Ayers was declared the winner in District 3. Mr. Larson noted that petitions for nominations are now used for anyone wishing to enter the elections, instead of a nominating committee, and the board of trustees is now down to 11 members. Next year, the board of trustees will be reduced to the final goal of nine trustees.

President Springer recognized Sandy Smith and Robert Harkrader for their years of service on the board.

President Springer called for any new business from the members, of which there was none. A motion was made, seconded and carried to adjourn the 2023 annual meeting.