On February 20, 2023, 4 Rivers Cooperative’s board of trustees reviewed the cost-of-service study, usage data by rate class, and the proposed tariffs, then approved proposed tariffs effective April 1, 2023.

4 Rivers no longer has separate rates for members based on where they are located, and changes made to the tari­ffs more accurately reflect the cooperative’s cost to serve each rate class, as we provide safe, reliable electricity to our members.

If you have questions about the rate tari­ffs or your 4 Rivers bill, please call our member services team at 620-364-2116, email us at info@4riverselectric.com, or submit an inquiry via SmartHub.




NON-COMMERCIAL SERVICE:  Applicable to single-phase farms, residential consumers, water wells, churches, schools, community halls and other public buildings.


GENERAL SERVICE SMALL:  Applicable to commercial, small industrial, three-phase farm and others.


GENERAL SERVICE LARGE:  Applicable to commercial and industrial customers where kilowatt (kW) demand is 50 kW or greater.


Additional tariffs are available for special electrical services such as primary transmission service, wind farm standby power, etc. Please contact us for more information.