2024 Trustee Election Information

The cooperative held a 2024 election of trustees to serve three-year terms on 4 Rivers Electric’s governing board.

The election of trustees is by district, and only qualified candidates nominated by petition shall appear on the ballot. Each of the three board districts has one position included in each election cycle. Your district of membership can be found at the top of your 4 Rivers monthly bill; please reach out to our office if you have any questions on your district of membership. View district maps here.

Candidates are nominated by petitions and the petition period is set per bylaw.

Board of Trustees elected in 2024:

District 1

  • Gene Huston

District 2

  • Warren Schmidt

District 3

  • Larry Felts

Petition Requirements

To be placed on the ballot, a petition containing the signatures of at least 20 members of the cooperative who live in the district for which the election is being held, approving the nomination of the individual member to be placed on the ballot, must be delivered to the 4 Rivers office at either Lebo or Fredonia per the due date set by bylaw.

For members interested in running for the board, candidate packets are available for download on our website during the nomination period or can be picked up in any of our offices. Packets include more information on trustee duties, along with the petition form for collecting member signatures. For interested members, we recommend reading 4 Rivers Cooperative Policies, including ­105 Ethics and Fiduciary Duty and 110 Disclosure of Cooperative Information.

Voting for Candidates

Ballots will be mailed to members in each of the districts. Only the names of the nominees for such district shall be on the ballot. Returned and completed ballots must be postmarked or received at the Lebo office on or before their set due date. The results are announced at the Annual Meeting of Members and in the Kansas Country Living.